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Articles - Social inclusion/ exclusion

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Learning Disabilities Motion, 27/01/06 [S]
Motion lodged before the Scottish Parliament on 27 January 2006 by Jackie Baillie (Lab) calling on the Scottish Executive to improve opportunities for young people with learning disabilities.

Sure Start Scotland Mapping Exercise 2004, 22/12/05 [S]
Research carried out by the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships on Sure Start Scotland services since 2001. Sure Start Scotland is part of a broader programme of action by the Scottish Executive to promote social inclusion through a positive start in young children's lives.

Summer Academy debate, 26/10/05 [S]
During the meeting of the Scottish Parliament on 26 October 2005 MSPs discussed Strathclyde University's Summer Academy. MSPs congratulated the academy on its success, the benefits it gives to young people and the way in which it has helps to widen access to further and higher education.

Deprivation Spend Inquiry
The Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee is carrying out an inquiry into spending on deprived areas and how funding from national and local government is allocated to tackling area-based inequalities and how current formulas are applied.

Young People Oral Question, 09/06/05 [S]
During Question time on 9 June 2005 Alex Neil (SNP) asked the Executive what it is doing about the numbers of young people who are not in education, training or employment.

Education guide for asylum seekers and refugees, 04/05/05 [S]
The Scottish Executive has released this publication providing asylum seeker and refugee parents with information on school education in Scotland. The publication includes information on what is taught and how it is assessed, parental involvement and additional support. There is also information on where to go for more information and support.

Education Written Answer, 13/04/05 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Alex Neil's (SNP) question asking the Scottish Executive what the cost has been to local authorities of making alternative arrangements for pupils excluded from school in each of the last 10 years.

Supported Employment for Young People Pilots, 07/04/05 [S]
This publication released by the Scottish Executive provides an evaluation of a pilot project to assist Inclusiveness clients into work. In 2002 Careers Scotland and partner agencies developed seven small-scale pilots aimed at improving the employment options for clients from Inclusiveness projects.

Social Inclusion Written Answer, 17/03/05 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Michael Matheson's (SNP) question asking the Scottish Executive what percentage of children over 14 in social inclusion partnership areas took part in sport at least once per week in each of the last three years.

Jobs and enterprise in deprived areas consultation, 07/03 [E/S//W]
The Social Exclusion Unit (SEU) has launched a consultation to challenge low levels of employment and business start-ups in low income areas. The consultation will look at what training opportunities, childcare and transport are needed to support employment in low income areas.