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Articles - Social justice

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Health Inequalities Debate, 26/03/15 [S]
Debate in the Scottish Parliament on 26 March 2015 on Health Inequalities, the debate was opened by Duncan McNeil (Lab).

Justice Committee takes Evidence on Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill, 17/03/15 [S]
During its meeting of 17 March 2015 the Scottish Parliament Justice Committee took evidence on the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill.

Schools should encourage discussions around elections, 11/03/15 [S]
The enthusiasm with which 16 and 17 year olds embraced the opportunity to vote in last year’s referendum should be supported by schools in the run up to other elections, a Scottish Parliamentary Committee has recommended.

Childs Rights Impact Assessment Written Answer, 10/02/15 [S]
Written answer given in response to Cara Hilton's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Government what its position is on whether a child rights impact assessment should be included in all legislation.

Tackling Inequalities Motion, 20/01/15 [S]
Motion lodged before the Scottish Parliament on 20 January 2015 by Alex Neil (SNP) on Tackling Inequalities. The full text of the motion reads:

Homeslessnes For Prisoners Families Written Answer, 07/01/15 [S]
Written answer given in response to Mary Fee (Lab) question asking the Scottish Government how much it has spent on (a) preventing and (b) tackling homelessness in prisoners and their families in each of the last five years.

Food Bank Usage Increase Written Answer, 16/12/14 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Anne McTaggart's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Government what action it is taking to tackle the reported increase of almost 600% in foodbank users in Glasgow in the last year.

Paternity Leave and Inequalities Oral Question, 10/12/14 [S]
During Portfolio Question Time on 10 December 2014 Christian Allard (SNP) asked the Scottish Government what the equalities impact will be in Scotland of the United Kingdom Government’s decision not to honour the legal entitlement for paternity leave for fathers who are in receipt of jobseekers allowance and are in mandatory work or community placements.

Ministerial Statement on The Smith Commission and the 16-17 Year Old Voting Franchise, 2/12/14 [S]
Ministerial Statement in the Scottish Parliament on 2 December 2014 from the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constituion and Economy, John Swinney on The Smith Commission and the 16 - 17 Year Old Voting Franchise.

Scotland believes in equality, 06/11/14 [S]
MSPs from all parties gathered outside the Scottish Parliament today to support the launch of the next phase of a campaign to promote equality and celebrate diversity in Scotland.