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Articles - Families and parenting

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UK Budget to “hit Scotland’s poorest children” – FM, 07/07/15 [E/NI/S/W]
Expected cuts to the value of tax credits by the UK Government in tomorrow’s budget will impact most on the poorest children in Scotland.

Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People, 07/07/15 [S]
Teenage pregnancy rates in Scotland have continued to fall in 2013, to the lowest levels on record. Overall, the rates have declined since 2007 across under 16, under 18 and under 20 age groups.

Consultation on the Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People Strategy, 07/07/15 - 29/09/15 [S]
This consultation is on the first Scottish Strategy focused on pregnancy and parenthood amongst young people. It aims to increase the choices and opportunities available to young people which will support their wellbeing and prosperity across the life course.

‘Alarming’ inequalities for women, 06/07/15 [E/NI/S/W]
More women could be pushed into poverty and disproportionately affected by social security reforms if the UK Government cuts £12 billion from its welfare budget, Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess has said.

Austerity measures damaging economy, 05/07/15 [E/NI/S/W]
The UK Government’s approach to reducing the deficit has damaged the economy and undermined attempts to improve public finances, according to the Deputy First Minister.

Domestic abuse protection goes national, 01/07/15 [S]
Women and men across Scotland who suspect their partner has an abusive background may now have that information disclosed to them, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

Multiple Pregnancies Written Answer, 01/07/15 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Bruce Crawford's (SNP) question asking the Scottish Government what steps it is taking to support (a) research into (i) still births and (ii) neonatal deaths and (b) the dissemination of clinical best practice in relation to multiple pregnancies.

Analysis Of Responses To The Consultation On Draft Statutory Guidance For Parts 4, 5 & 18 (Section 96) Of The Children And Young
This is a report on Analysis of Responses to the Consultation on Draft Statutory Guidance for Parts 4, 5 & 18 (Section 96) of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014.

Health and Sport Committee takes evidence on Carers Bill, 23/06/15 [S]
During its meeting of 23 June 2015 the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee took evidence on the Carers Bill at Stage 1.

Breastfeeding Awareness Week, 20/06/15 [S]
Breastfeeding Awareness Week gets underway on Sunday with the announcement of the first Scottish Infant Feeding Survey.