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Articles - One parent families and young parents

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Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People, 07/07/15 [S]
Teenage pregnancy rates in Scotland have continued to fall in 2013, to the lowest levels on record. Overall, the rates have declined since 2007 across under 16, under 18 and under 20 age groups.

Consultation on the Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People Strategy, 07/07/15 - 29/09/15 [S]
This consultation is on the first Scottish Strategy focused on pregnancy and parenthood amongst young people. It aims to increase the choices and opportunities available to young people which will support their wellbeing and prosperity across the life course.

An End to In-work Poverty Deabte, 18/03/15 [S]
Debate in the Scottish Parliament on 18 March 2015 on An End to In-work Poverty, the debate was opened by Patrick Harvie (Green).

Universal Credit Motion, 01/12/14 [S]
Motion lodged before the Scottish Parliament on 1 December 2014 by Christina McKelvie (SNP) on Universal Credit Implementation Failures.

Welfare Reform Oral Question 20/11/14 [S]
During Question Time on 20 November 2014 Stewart Stevenson (SNP) asked the Scottish Government what analysis has been published of the impact of welfare reform across Scotland.

Childcare Written Answer, 28/10/14 [S]
Written Answer given in response to John Mason (SNP) question asking the Scottish Government whether it considers that Glasgow City Council is providing sufficient nursery places within walking distance.

One Parent Families Scotland Debate, 03/06/14 [S]
Debate in the Scottish Parliament on 3 June 2014 on One Parent Families Scotland. The debate was introduced by Christina McKelvie (SNP).

Lone Parents Written Answer, 01/05/14 [E/NI/S/W]
Written Answer given in the House of Commons on 1 May 2014 in response to Kerry McCarthy's (Lab) question asking the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what guidance he has issued to jobcentres on how claimant commitments should take into account the caring responsibilities of single parents.

Lone Parents Written Answer, 10/03/14 [E/NI/S/W]
Written Answer given in response to Andrew Griffith's (Cons) question asking the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions how many and what proportion of children in each income decile and of each ethnicity live in lone parent households.

Young mothers focus of new research, 20/02/14 [S]
Public Health Minister Michael Matheson has pledged to do more to support young mothers and continue to reduce the rate of unplanned teenage pregnancy in Scotland.