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Fathers and parenting Inquiry, 13/01/14 [S]

The Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee has launched an inquiry into fathers and parenting. Call for evidence open until 21 February 2014.

The Committee wants to know about any specific day-to-day issues and challenges single fathers face in the workplace, family or social settings. Are there any specific challenges around finance or arrangements on access and care of their children? What kinds of support and services are available to single fathers and do they meet their needs? Do single fathers get equal access to the range of public facilities when out with their children?

Areas the Committee are interested in hearing about includeŚ

  • the provision of services and support groups;
  • societal attitudes towards lone / unmarried fathers; and
  • issues around parental rights and responsibilities for fathers.

The call for evidence is open until 21 February 2014 and responses should be sent to

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Fathers and parenting inquiry

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