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UK Budget Motion, 13/07/15 [S]

Motion lodged before the Scottish Parliament on 13 July 2015 by Kevin Stewart (SNP) on the UK Summer Budget.

The full text of the motion reads:

That the Parliament notes the comments by Paul Johnson of the Institute of Fiscal Studies about the recent UK Budget that “the changes overall are regressive – taking much more from poorer households than richer ones” and that “unequivocally, tax credit recipients in work will be made worse off by measures in the Budget”; believes that what the Chancellor called the national living wage is a smoke-and-mirrors confidence trick that is being used as a headline-grabber to hide the fact that he is drastically reducing tax credits and removing vital income support away from low-income families; understands that it is estimated that a lone parent with two children working 16 hours-a-week on the minimum wage would gain just over £400 from the national living wage, but would lose £860 from tax credit changes in 2016-17; believes that this is a regressive Budget that is an attack on the most vulnerable in society; considers that it will fleece the poor while featherbedding the very rich, and condemns the Conservative Chancellor for what it sees as him continuing to adhere to a regressive austerity agenda, which is making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

For full details see the Scottish Parliament Business Bulletin 13 July 2015 which is available from the Scottish Parliament website.

Further Information

Scottish Parliament Business Bulletin 13 July 2015