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Millennium Cohort Study Sweep 3 Scotland Report, 15/12/09 [S]

The Scottish Government has published the findings from the third survey of the UK-wide Millennium Cohort Study (MCS3), focusing on data from families living in Scotland.

The Millennium Cohort Study provides large-scale information about children born into the 21 st century and the families who are bringing them up, for the four countries of the United Kingdom. The third sweep ( MCS3) took place, mostly in 2006, when the children had reached age 5. It collected information from 15,246 families, including 1,814 families in Scotland.

Overall, the data present a picture of family life between 9 months and 5 years which was characterised by stability and dominated by natural parents. The proportion of families containing both natural parents fell from 85% at MCS1 to 79% at MCS3. There is evidence of continuing relationships between five-year-olds and their non-resident natural fathers. In the majority of families where the child's father was not resident, continuing contact was taking place and was often very frequent.

Fathers in Scotland were more likely than those in England and the UK as a whole to report getting their child ready for / putting their child to bed several times a week, and looking after their child on their own several times a week.

In terms of discipline, mothers in Scotland were less likely than mothers in Northern Ireland, but more likely than mothers in Wales, to say that they smack their child when naughty at least some of the time. However, they were more likely to report that they tell their child off daily than mothers in either England or Wales.

In terms of Childcare Children in Scotland were more likely to be cared for by their grandparent, and had higher rates of being in any kind of formal care, any kind of non-parental care, and any kind of care overall, than children living in England and in the UK as a whole.

For full details see the Millennium Cohort Study Sweep 3 Scotland Report which is available from the Scottish Government website.

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Millennium Cohort Study Sweep 3 Scotland Report